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Each product I propose to my clients is a unique piece of handicraft, often supporting traditional indigenous ancient cultures from all over the world. I believe in true beauty and a part of that beauty is considering who makes these products and how the supplier benefits from its sale. My fascination with traveling around the world, exploring ancient cultures, and studying traditional handicrafts goes back to my early childhood. This interest was more firmly focused in 2009 when I decided to found an interior design brand which tells the story different cultures and world heritage artisans from around the world. I want my clients to see the natural beauty in each handmade item before they disappear. My selected products are inspired by the many rich encounters I have had with various weaving communities and artisans from around the world. Starting this interior design project has allowed me to combine three areas of personal interest: social engagement, creativity, and sustainable interiors. The items I have selected are handwoven using looms by craftsmen or craftswomen from the northern provinces of Argentina,  India, Cambodia, and Laos. Their craft is produced in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation and adheres to Fair Trade standards. Now more than ever I find my clients want to be part of the design journey, they want the pieces within their homes to be symbolic of their own belief system, to have integrity, to have a story, to be one-off art like pieces, and most importantly to be sustainable.  And for me, the act of finding these pieces is a challenge I enjoy!