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Sabina Medori-Haubold

Sabina Medori-Haubold was born in 1966 in Rome and grew up between two world cultures. After graduating from high school in 1984 she wanted to move to Munich and since she is both a German and an Italian citizen she decided to study at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich. She graduated in 1990 with a degree in Business & Administration and started working in the fashion industry. At ESCADA she gained a wide range of skills during her 14 years at the company, first in finance and then in Sales & Marketing. While working in fashion, she began to discover that her real passion was Architecture & Interior design. So in 2005 she left her job at ESCADA and studied Interior Design in London at KLC School of design. After finishing her degree, Sabina started her own business and her passion for Interior design and Architecture continues to this day. In order to create the very best results, Sabina works only with high quality craftsmen on her projects.

I think that creative professions and designers, in particular, have an advantage over other jobs, since through our work we imagine something in the future, and from there we generate a series of mechanisms to attain it. Especially in these uncertain times, I think it is a wonderful asset and I look forward to continuing to help my clients imagine their future living and working spaces.

Costanza Pulitani

Costanza Pulitani was born in 1990 in Rome into an Italian and German family. Her passion for Architecture started at a young age. During her younger years, she was constantly = connected with Architecture through her father, who is also an architect, and who was the first teacher in her life. Costanza studied Architecture at the University of Roma Tre in Rome. During her time at university in 2016 she completed a one  year Erasmus program at the Technical University of Munich. In 2019 she graduated with a degree in Architecture Design. 

Costanza started her work experience in 2014 as intern in Vatican City. During her internship, she collaborated in the publication of two scientific essays about architectural analyses of historical buildings in the Old Town of Rome and their conservative restorations. In 2016, she did an internship in an architecture studio Rudolf+Sohn Architekten in Munich, concentrating mostly on Architecture Design. In 2017, she worked as a freelance architect with an international civil engineering studio called MOST CND srl. With MOST CND srl she helped renovate a historical church in the center of Rome. Following this work, for a full academic year in 2018 Costanza worked as assistant of the course of Architecture Design in the University of Roma Tre. In 2019, while preparing her Master Thesis, she supported the family business with Interior Design projects for public buildings in Rome. Finally, at the end of 2019, Costanza concluded her student experience with a six month internship in the Vatican Museum. Today she works as an architect in the architecture studio Rudolf+Sohn Architekten in Munich. 

‘Thanks to my background and my early admiration for historical architecture, I have developed a sensitivity for the aesthetic, and an attention to the ancient. For me, the architecture that surrounded us and the spaces that we live and work are mirror of our being, the causes of our success and mechanisms through which we can connect to our interiority.’